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Her, again by | Les Hirondelles | on Flickr.
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Feeling sick on this bus
Spent an hour on the phone with kaiser trying to get a refill
Just emailed my doctor for a refill
Please for the love of all that is holy and gay, respond as soon as you see it
Please fax my shit to cvs

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I am more ready to kill myself than to be 21


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I’m being emotional and annoying today, someone please beat the shit out of me.

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I’m starting to become very envious of couples who get to physically spend a lot of time together. instant gratification. I’m patient, and I can certainly wait- I’ve just been finding myself a little sad from time to time because I just want to give my boyfriend a million hugs and kisses and do sweet things together. I usually feel much better after hearing his voice but, you know, It’s hard.

My mom turned down my bearcakes 😐
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My mom turned down my bearcakes 😐

at Republique
Aug 29, 2014

at Republique

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I’m supposed to be scared,
But I’m really just sad for everyone else’s heart ache- and my own if I find myself having to leave my darling boy behind. The one buried in the back yard.

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We grow and discover that although we are not always guaranteed a new day, one will always follow after the current.
That if you’re not dying or merely existing- you’re probably living. And if you’re not, it’s probably about time to learn how to.
In the center of what I’m learning is very real, I’ve managed to fall in love. Uh oh

Galaxy #tycho
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Galaxy #tycho

Aug 21, 2014

Memorial by eits is playing loudly and all I’m thinking is “I want to be pretty”
I legitimately hate myself.
Someone please hit me with your car.